Our Prices are Depending on what services you need we have two different ways of pricing our solutions to you. Our prices are guaranteed once quoted, assuming the work quoted for does not change significantly.

Standard hourly

You can choose to pay by the hour for ‘one off’ transactions, this might be a consultation with an advice report provided to you afterwards: typically we bill at €123.97 + VAT for this type of work.

Ongoing accountancy/wealth management/financial advice

For this type of work you get the best price, we sit down with you and agree the annual fee then set up a standing order (because everybody prefers that to annual bills), we can’t quote you on-line because it is dependent on the type of service you’ll need and the time it takes to provide it, it is best in this case to call and talk to one of us or send in an email with an outline of your situation so that we can get back to you about it.

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